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Feature "Sport of Bicycling" taught as a Physical Ed Unit
Cresenta Valley High School, La Cresenta-Montrose, CA

Learn how to successfully incorporate the "Sport of Bicycling" as a secondary Physical Education Unit.

The approach is like a diamond with many facets - when brought together it creates a bright gem. The facets of bicycling as a sport are as diverse as the roadways cyclists travel.

Bicycling is a perfect no-impact, cross-training sport, that can be a lifetime recreational lifestyle activity. It can offer the child rite of passage and greatly expand their geographic reach and cross-cultural interfaces.

The new teen “fixie” bicycle culture spreading throughout the United States can be used as the “gem” of cycling to get them engaged in a healthy lifetime sport.

Programmatic safety elements or facets should be inclusive in all the bicycle programs. The different facets; workshop, skills, drills, and racing, are reflected in Youth Educational Sports, Inc. (YES).

Successful secondary bicycle programs share a common message - “have fun & be safe.”

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Y.E.S. NEWS Hot off the press

1 Million Dollar Student Bicycles at LAUSD


LAUSD & YES to create Physical Education Bicycle Units

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is seeking just under 1 million dollars in funding for student bicycles and cycling training. YES School Cycling Instructors (SCI) will train almost 100 Physical Educational Teachers at 30 intermediate schools in cycling techniques for regular school curricula. These Teachers will instruct a Physical Education Bicycle Unit using the YES-BLAST Vol. 1 curriculum.

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YES-BIKE & YES-BLAST Satisfies the Common Core!

student bicycle programs, yes bike, blast

Both YES-BIKE and BLAST curricula satisfies the National Standards for Physical Education and the requirements of the Common Core!

YES-BIKE is for high schools and BLAST is for middle/junior high school to conduct a Physical Education Bicycle Unit. Because bicycling is the only sport that does not have a safe facility, accessible to all, to learn and practice. Because bicycling is the teens new found culture. Because bicycling does not have a program that teaches the foundation of the sport which supports all bicycle disciplines, till now!

So say YES-BIKE, and have a BLAST!

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