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Feature "Sport of Bicycling" taught as a Physical Ed Unit
Cresenta Valley High School, La Cresenta-Montrose, CA

Learn how to successfully incorporate the "Sport of Bicycling" as a secondary Physical Education Unit.

The approach is like a diamond with many facets - when brought together it creates a bright gem. The facets of bicycling as a sport are as diverse as the roadways cyclists travel.

Bicycling is a perfect no-impact, cross-training sport, that can be a lifetime recreational lifestyle activity. It can offer the child rite of passage and greatly expand their geographic reach and cross-cultural interfaces.

The new teen “fixie” bicycle culture spreading throughout the United States can be used as the “gem” of cycling to get them engaged in a healthy lifetime sport.

Programmatic safety elements or facets should be inclusive in all the bicycle programs. The different facets; workshop, skills, drills, and racing, are reflected in Youth Educational Sports, Inc. (YES).

Successful secondary bicycle programs share a common message - “have fun & be safe.”

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Y.E.S. NEWS Hot off the press

YES-BIKE & YES-BLAST Satisfies the Common Core!

Physical Education Common Core Bicycle Unit

Both YES-BIKE and BLAST curricula satisfies the National Standards for Physical Education and the requirements of the Common Core!

YES-BIKE is for high schools and BLAST is for middle/junior high school to conduct a Physical Education Bicycle Unit. Because bicycling is the only sport that does not have a safe facility, accessible to all, to learn and practice. Because bicycling is the teens new found culture. Because bicycling does not have a program that teaches the foundation of the sport which supports all bicycle disciplines, till now!

So say YES-BIKE and have a BLAST!

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Safety CITY a virtual reality tour!

traffic safety city booklet yesports

The Safety CITY is the best methodology for teaching the abstract concept called “traffic safety”. This is a 100% hands-on educational program where children practice safety while walking on realistic sidewalks and crossing streets. All within the safety of the multi-purpose room, auditorium or gym.

Streets scenarios and hazards plaguing communities are brought to youth in a safe environment. Just like a theatrical stage setting, using photographs of real communities, children are transported into streets with familiar landmarks and surroundings.

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