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Olympic Cycling Great Ron Skarin supports YES

Olympic Cycling Great Ron Skarin sends a letter of support to YES, recognizing the importance of educational children cycling programs.
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School District Information

Please review the YES-BLAST Vol. 1 15-day plan attached. All 5 YES curricula are aligned with the National PE Standards and California PE Standards. YES provides professional development and team teaching for PE teachers interested in introducing an annual cycling program. There are 5 YES curricula from grades K-12. The main components to a sustainable YES programs, are: Each PE Department should have a fleet of age appropriate bicycles and helmets A local bicycle shop interested in working with the school to maintain the bicycles. If interested, the teachers after completing the professional development and team teaching will receive 6 CEU and certification as a YES-School Cycling Teacher Level 3. This will enable them to train the new PE teachers to their district/school to encourage sustainability. For 18 years at Los Angeles Unified School District I brought in my own funding to conduct programs to ascertain what component were needed to have program sustainability. There is funding out their to help finance your cycling program.
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continuing education uinits YES bicycle courses

Earn Continuing Education Units through YES Online Training

USA Cycling, which is the national governing body for the sport of bicycling, recognizes YES workshops and clinics. This means SCI candidates who complete SCI training will earn 3 Continuing Education Units (CEU) each.
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march, 2023

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