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High School P.E. Bicycle Unit

Start a cycling high school Physical Education Bicycle Unit using the YES-BIKE Vol. I. Curriculum. This 4 to 10 week curriculum satisfies the Common Core, National Standards and Every Student Succeeds Act requirements, which introduces:

  • A healthy life activity
  • Skills building for the Novice rider
  • Skills building for Special Needs
  • Bicycle traffic safety
  • Encouraging bicycling to schools
  • Bicycle skill building curriculum
  • Competitive “sport of bicycling”

Teachers are trained by School Cycling Instructors in sport appropriate physiology, kinesiology and skills building modules. They are ideal for introducing bicycling, a life sport, to their students. Teachers are encouraged to become certified School Cycling Instructor.

“Bicycling can be as big the sport as football, baseball or basketball in schools. In vision parents and student gathering in the football stadium to watch their school team compete against rival schools on bicycles. This is not a dream, but a reality soon to be discovered.” – Tana Ball, YES Founder

Components for a Successful & Sustainable P.E. Bicycle Unit

  1. Youth Educational Sports, Inc. certifies bicycle experts or teachers as YES School Cycling Instructors to provide Professional Development for schools.
  2. The Professional Development introduces the Physical Education Teachers to the “sport of bicycling” using YES-BIKE Vol.1 & Vol. 2 curricula.
  3. Specially designed low-maintenance bicycle equipment with school colors and logo.
  4. Connecting the school to the cycling community.

Contact YES for more program information & Professional Development:

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your P.E. Department with a free sample of the YES BIKE Curriculum Volume 1


Professional Development training addresses specific content standards required by the Overarching Physical Education Standards, such as:

  • YES-BIKE Vol. I is 2 full days or 4-1/2 days to accommodate school calendars.
  • YES-BIKE Vol. II is 5 full days or 10-1/2 days to allow for learning safe practices in implementing competitive cycling.
  • Maintaining physical fitness strategies by improving health and performance
  • Includes basic knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts
  • Bicycle motor skills or cycling methodology
  • Principles and strategies applied to competition, covering road rules and laws to the final goal the Olympic Omnium Races

The School Coaching Instructors are required to maintain a current criminal background check, TB test, CPR and First Aid certification and are trained in the YES-BIKE Curriculum. YES-BIKE Program are implemented at several California schools.

The Pomona High School program was overseen by the Los Angeles County Health Department. The program at Delano High School in Delano and Cresenta Valley High School in La Cresenta-Montrose were well received by staff and students.

First Skill Steering vs. Turning
Students listening to Slow Race instructions
Garnsey High School BIKE fleet

Sport of Bicycling in schools requires bicycle equipment

The “sport of bicycling” knowledge and training for learning and maintaining physical fitness strategies to improve health and applied to competition. School sites are perfect environments to conduct the YES-BIKE programs because they are conducted on-site.

The Physical Education Chair at Delano High School said it best:

“That was an amazing week for the kids who did the activity and for onlookers who passed by and saw the participants in the activity. Many have asked if the program is coming back next year and hopefully hope that you contact the Principal again. Please, please bring the program back to DHS next year becasue I know more kids will sign up.”

10 reasons to introducing bicycling as a sport in secondary schools:

  • Bicycling should have a safe venue to learn and practice the sport.
  • Bicycle riders should be training before riding on the streets.
  • Bicycling is a life-long sport.
  • Bicycling can reduce youth obesity, perpetuated by a lack of exercise and/or mobility.
  • Bicycling is easy on the joints (low impact), good for rehabilitation or developing young bodies.
  • Bicycling is the best cross-training for other popular school sports.
  • Bicycling is an environmentally friendly alternative to driving a car.
  • Bicycling requires minimal investment compared to other forms of transportation.
  • Bicycling is the only sport that is also a form of transportation.
  • Bicycling skills, drills and competition can be safely conducted on Physical Education fields and/or running track.
YES, Inc.
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