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Bike Sales and Bike Equipment

Easy bicycle and equipment purchases

Youth Educational Sports, Inc. is an authorized school vendor with over 25 years experience working with school procurement departments. This makes ordering bicycles, helmets and support equipment that are age appropriate for your school, easy!

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Make it really unique

With enough lead time YES can have your school seal or logo placed under the bike clear coat for school branding. Contact us here for more information about our bicycle equipment sales.

Give the Gift of Life

Bulk purchase helmets at a low price, sell them for a bit more and use the proceeds as a school fund raiser!

YES Recommended "Bike Fleet"

  • 30 to 60 bicycles in age appropriate sizes with tire thorn protection and seat post clamp (5 more bicycles than normal class size).
  • 35 to 65 bicycle helmets, adjustable in different colors to indicate helmet sizes (5 more than the number of bicycles).
  • 2 bicycle pumps, one for each type of inner tube valve; Presta and Schrader.
  • 2-4 additional bicycle tires.
  • 5-10 additional tire tubes for each wheel size.
  • 1 set bicycle tools; 18 commonly used tools in a hard plastic case.
  • 1 work stand or wall mount.
  • Optional: trailer to store and transport a "Traveling Bike Fleet" or 1 shipping container to store bicycles on school grounds, secured with a heavy-duty padlock.

All types of bicycle are is available to schools through YES.

  • Single speed or track bicycles
  • Road bikes
  • BMX
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Kids bicycle
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Bicycle and helmet products and prices change frequently so be sure to Contact YES for an up-to-date list!
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Suggested bicycle type for middle/junior high schools
bike sale, bikes for sale, middle school bikes
Suggested bicycle type for senior high schools


YES provides reliable bicycle fleet support through a bicycle shop local to most schools.

Bike Size Guide

Get the Best Fit for the Best Ride

In order to get the most out of a new bicycle, the most comfortable frame size needs to be determined. This is accomplished by taking a measurement from the rider's stand over height (inseam) to the ground.

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Determine the 3 most common sizes and percentage of students who fall within these sizes. Communities are different in sizes. YES will help you with this process.

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