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  • January 4, 2018

Earn Continuing Education Units through YES Online Training

USA Cycling, which is the national governing body for the sport of bicycling, NICA, SHAPE America and the Los Angeles Unified School District now recognize YES workshops and clinics. This means SCI candidates who complete the SCI training will earn 3 Continuing Education Units (CEU) each.

The following YES CEU criteria has been established:


30 hours to obtain 1 salary point advancement in the LAUSD (check your local school district for eligibility).

YES SCI Training Level 4 = 3 CEU

YES SCI Training Level 3 = 3 CEU

YES SCI Team Teaching = 3 CEU

Total = 9 CEU

Online Workshop / Curricula

“Introducing Cycling to Schools” + “YES-KIDS Bike + “Novice & Special Needs” / 6 hours online + 2.5 hours homework + 1.5 hours on-bike practice = 10 hours + 3 CEU

Professional Development / Curriculum

“YES-KIDS Bike” / 1.5 hours classroom + 4.5 hours on bike training + 3 hours homework = 10 hours + 3 CEU

Team Teaching with P.E. teachers to set-up and roll out the new curriculum and bicycling equipment over 2 weeks = 10 hours + 3 CEU

Total of 30 hours + 9 CEU.

Contact us if you need any of this information clarified.


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