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School Cycling Instructor Levels 1-4



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School Cycling Instructor Level 4

SCI Level 4 is qualified to provide bicycle education only to elementary school age children. The SCI can help with bicycle equipment and community outreach, and may be hired by the school to provide YES-KIDS Bike curriculum instruction to students.

These professions are allowed to become a SCI by taking the self-pacing SCI Level 4 Training.

Bicycle Experts

Credentialed Teachers

Fire Fighters

Law Enforcers

Health Professionals

Parks and Recreational Professionals


kid bike, bike instructor, sci 3

School Cycling Instructor Level 3

A SCI Level 4 may apply for the SCI Level 3 Certification The SCI Level 3 is qualified to provide Professional Development to elementary, middle/junior high Physical Education Teachers. The SCI can also Team Teach classes with the teacher(s) and help with bicycle equipment and community outreach. The SCI Level 3 can be contracted by the school to instruct the YES curricula: YES-KIDS Bike for elementary and YES-BLAST for middle/junior high students during class time.

Who can apply

School Cycling Instructors (SCI) Level 4, who are also a: League of American Bicyclist-League Cycling Instructors USA Cycling-Coaches National Interscholastic Cycling Association-Head Coaches Credentialed Physical Education Teachers  


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School Cycling Instructor Level 2

A SCI Level 3 may apply for a SCI Level 2 Certification

A SCI Level 2 is qualified to provide YES Professional Development for curriculum YES-BLAST Vol. 2 for middle/junior high and SCI Level 2 is qualified to provide YES Professional Development for curriculum YES-BIKE Vol. 1 for high school Physical Education Teachers. In both cases the SCI Level 2 may suggest starting a School Cycling Club/Team and identifying the best bicycle activities or discipline for that school, such as: BMX, Cross, Mt. Biking, Road, Track.


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School Cycling Instructor Level 1

A SCI Level 2 may apply for a SCI Level 1 Certification

A SCI Level 1 is qualified to provide YES Professional Development for the curriculum YES-BLAST Vol. 3 for middle/junior high. And a SCI Level 1 is qualified to provide YES Professional Development for the curriculum YES-BIKE Vol. 2 for high school Physical Education Teachers.

SCI Level 1 will introduce age appropriate Olympic style racing as a Physical Education Unit, conducted the same as any other competitive sport practiced in school during Physical Education. The SCI may be hired as the cycling coach for secondary schools, just like any other school sport such as football.

School Cycling Instructor Advancement

SCI Level 4 Training

Candidates start with the YES online SCI Level 4 Training Course to become a School Cycling Instructor (SCI). The series of quizzes cover information provided in the online training, "Introducing Physical Education Teachers to Cycling" as well as the "YES-KIDS Bike" curricula. Upon completion of each quiz, a score will be posted for your review - a score of 80% or better is passing. Upon passing the quizzes and after all required documents are received by YES, you will receive your SCI Level 4 Certification with your lifetime SCI number.

As a new SCI, YES will begin building your personal Web page with the information supplied in the SCI Application Form. Please respond as soon as possible to an email requesting your photograph and any additional information. If one of your schools establishes a School Cycling Club, notify YES so that information can be posted to the School Cycling Team listing.

SCI Level 3

The SCI Level 3 Clinic covers information in the YES-BLAST volumn 1 Curriculum for cycling education to middle/intermediate schools. Once the SCI Level 3 Competency Quiz is submitted, it will be scored and your new SCI Level will be updated on your personal Web page.

Contact YES to check the status of your certification - be sure to include your School Cycling Instructor number. Upon passing the quiz and meeting all requirements, YES will send your SCI Level 3 Certificate.

kid bike, bike instructor, sci 3

SCI Level 2

A SCI interested in achieving Level 2 status will be required to have a SCI Level 3 certification and attend a Level 2 Clinic. The clinic prepares our SCI to train cycling athletes and physical education teachers in the next level of the sport. Those who attend can expect to take home a wealth of knowledge in achieving a higher level of bike handling skills, a better understanding of the physiological stresses and adaptations the body endures through training, and how to utilize these stresses and adaptation in developing a better, more succinct, school lesson plan. All of these can be used to help teachers conduct bicycling lessons and achieve a higher level of success and accomplishment on the bike. Additionally, a SCI Level 2 can be hired as a "School Cycling Coach."

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SCI Level 1

To advance to the highest level SCI, you must be a Level 2 SCI in good standing and have cycling competition experience. The SCI must attend a Level 1 Clinic and pass the Level 1 Competency Quiz. The mission of this SCI is to establish bicycling as a competitive sport at schools and inspire interscholastic competition in whatever discipline is best suited for the school and community.

A SCI Level 1 is required to submit all their School Cycling Teams for listing on the YES Web site - we want to brag about your coaching achievements!

kid bike, bike instructor, sci 1
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