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Elementary School Bicycle & Pedestrian Education

Bicycling is a school physical activity every child loves to do and will help with the child’s attentiveness and concentration in the classroom.  Start by introducing elementary children to a lifetime healthy activity that schools can keep active from grades 1-12. Now that we have your attention, let’s explain.

Not every child experiences that rite of passage call “riding a bicycle”.  Very few children learn how to ride a bicycle alone to do it correctly and safely; specially by a professional.  Plus, bicycling is the only sport that children do not have a safe venue to learn and practice the sport for many days.  And yet there is the perfect places, in all cities and town with train personnel to introduce bicycling.

The answer is: every school is a safe secure venue to learn bicycling and should be taught by the professionals – teachers.

Youth Educational Sports, Inc. (YES) developed 5 curricula for school grades 1-12, to be taught only on school grounds with multi day skill building bicycle lessons. All curricula use the same vocabulary; meets the National Standards; Common Core; includes Rubrics and to be taught by teachers. The YES curricula provide a solid foundation for any bicycling discipline that the child may wish to pursue.

YES makes it easier for teachers to acquirer the foundation of the YES programs from a self-pacing professional development online and with completion a School Cycling Instructor certification and CEU credits.

Curriculum designed for elementary schools

The Youth Educational Sports, Inc. (YES) curricula are skill building blocks for the sport of cycling from elementary to high school through the Physical Education Department. The YES-KIDS Bike curriculum starts the elementary school student on a cycling journey for the rest of their school years. The skills are age appropriate at each grade level and fun.

LESSON PLAN – 9 – 15, Day by Day Training. Divided into age appropriate skills building on the bicycle lessons for grades 1-2 and 3-5 &  6.  These skills build all the way to the YES high school skills.  The final lessons for the grades 3-5 & 6 are traffic behavior skills and learning how to fall off a bicycle without getting hurt.

YES-KIDS Bike program can be provided to your school and community by participating in the YES School Cycling Instructor self-pacing online Professional Training



The School Cycling Instructors trains teachers how to conduct the a 100% hands-on pedestrian education YES-KIDS Walk  safety educational program. Pedestrians interact with the Safety CITY realistically modeled sidewalks and crossing streets from the safety of a multipurpose room, auditorium or gym!

Seeing is believing! The elementary school Safety CITY (Creative Interactive Traffic for Youth) is the most interactive and realistic teaching tool for the abstract concept called “traffic.” The CITY along with the curriculum YES-KIDS Walk gives the school staff everything to run a sustainable program. This program gives elementary age children and their parents the opportunity to practice safe walking and behavior to and from school.

It showed exactly what to do to be safe. The pictures and signs really helped explain everything. The presenters were very professional and helpful. They [the students] responded well to the stop signs and looking in all directions before crossing.
– Charles Carr, Assistant Principal, 95th Street Elementary School

Teachers may provide the YES-KIDS Walk contacting YES for more information:

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Safety CITY or Curricula Request Information Form

Tour the CITY

The CITY panels are comprised of local landmarks children will recognize:

  • Elementary school
  • Fire station
  • Police station
  • Local stores
  • Library
  • Neighborhood
  • City Hall
  • And more!
Traffic street scenarios and hazards plaguing our communities are brought to life in a safe environment. Through the use of familiar landmark photographs, participants are ‘transported’ onto community streets, creating a best-practice bicycle safety program.
kid bike lessons, free school bikes
The streets are designed to challenge the children with obstacles such as rails, trains, no sidewalks, multiple lane streets, on the way to school if someone wants to do you harm “Safe Zones”, etc.
kid bike lessons, free school bikes
  • 22 light weight walls with community’s pictures (entrance walls is a good place to give credit and show sponsor logos)
  • Floor-ground cloth with sidewalks, crosswalks, and more
  • Wall locations from A to V
  • 4 Stop Signs
  • 4 Traffic Light with 4 Pedestrian Signs with the walking person and red hand
  • 4 Pedal Cars – Hot Rod, Pink Roadster, Police Unit, Fire Truck
  • Traffic Safety CITY Manual
  • Trailer to put everything in for easy transporting to different locations (optional)
In The BOX
kid bike lessons, free school bikes
Walls, flooring, vehicles, traffic control devices and educational materials all fit into a small trailer for easy transport. Take it to schools, community centers and youth facilities!
Ready to GO!
kid bike lessons, free school bikes

Safety CITY easily converts to outdoor use

Using only the floor, stop signs, traffic sign this now becomes the best bicycle course outdoor teaching tool. We do not recommend using the walls unless they are have weights on them so they can not become a kite and fly away with the slightest breeze. The SCI can train the elementary physical education teacher to conduct the programs annually.

LA River Ride and Safety Fair

Safety City Samples

Los Angeles, California

The Los Angeles Safety CITY represents an urban area with houses and apartments, a school, police station, fire station, downtown area with shops, a rail line and subway station. Each of these elements reflects the diverse communities children walk and bicycle through every day.

Floor plan with Vehicle, Metro Light Rail & Pedestrian pathways
Traffic light that even includes a pedestrian signal

State of Tennessee

Two Safety CITYs were developed for The University of Tennessee, reflecting the East and West geographic characteristics of the State. Both are transported to elementary schools where courses are taught by trained teachers.

University of Tennessee Safety CITY complete with pathways, traffic signs, signals and panels

Delano, California

The Delano Safety CITY reflects a community that is in a rural setting with grape vines and railroad tracks students cross to schools.

Delano, California School District Safety CITY panel
Delano vineyards Safety CITY panel
YES, Inc.
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