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Middle school bicycle lessons and training

"The Best Bike Lessons
for middle & junior high students!"

The YES-BLAST package includes:

  • The “sport of bicycling” knowledge introduced by School Cycling Instructors to Physical Education Departments
  • Specially designed good low maintenance bicycle equipment
  • Free award winning YES-BLAST Volume 1 curriculum

Virginia’s Department of Public Health Prevention Connections provided the YES-BLAST Package to each of their 50 middle school 2012 “Safe Routes to School” Mini-grant winners. From YES-BLAST Vol. 1, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration “Bikeology” was created.

Professional Development

A School Cycling Instructor (SCI) will visit your school and provide the Physical Education Teachers with professional development in the “sport of bicycling.” This course features a skill building curriculum with the National Standards and the Every Student Succeeds Act requirements satisfied.

bike lesssons training program dvd


Request a free sample of any YES curricula for your Physical Education Department.

4 Sustainable Elements

  1. Bicycle training for Physical Education Teachers who annually introduce cycling as a Bicycle Unit.
  2. YES curricula satisfies National Standards, Common Core and meets educational accepted requirements.
  3. A “Bike Fleet” for each Physical Education Department.
  4. Connecting the school to the cycling community.

Special Bicycling Equipment

To create sustainability in the program, the Physical Education Department must have a fleet of bicycles to conduct the bike lessons. This allows for a level playing field, all can ride and ensures less time is spent repairing student’s personal bicycles.

A school that receives Professional Development but not bicycles will likely see their Bicycle Unit forgotten when personnel change over. Schools with good, low maintenance bicycles will teach the course annually. For example, Marina del Rey Middle School in California has maintained a bicycle program since 2002.

BLAST Curriculum

Step 1 – presentation: “The Bike Channel” DVD uses a fun pretend newscast showing young bicyclist involved in a vehicle crash. The news reporter calls on experts to explain how the crash happened. The newscast has fun bicycle commercials, sport report and updates on the crash. Questions are provided in the BLAST Vol. 1 to engage the viewers in bicycle safety discussions after watching “The Bike Channel”.

Step 2 – practical: 2 to 5 week Skills and Drills, outlined in the BLAST Vol. 1, a fun way to learn the seven motor-skills (biological physical mechanics) needed to correctly execute: looking over their shoulder for cars; signaling a turn and then executing the turn.

Step 3 – practical: 2 to 5 week BLAST Vol. 1 Group Riding will keep engagement by introducing the next skill level – beginning competition. After learning the seven mechanics of a turn, next is learning bicycling proximity from skills causing close riding by others will develop necessary judgement in traffic. BLAST Vol. 2 introduces competition via track racing.

Each youth completing the BLAST Practical will receive a “Certificate to Ride”; a school requirement before allowing transporting by bicycle to school.

Ten best arguments for teaching the “Sport of Bicycling”

  1. Bicycling should have a safe venue to learn and practice the sport instead of riding on the streets along vehicles.
  2. Bicycling is a life-sport that an individual can actively participate in for the rest of their life.
  3. Bicycling is the only environmentally friendly sport that is also a form of transportation and alternative to driving a car.
  4. Bicycling can reduce youth obesity due to the lack of exercise and/or mobility.
  5. Bicycling is easy on the joints (low impact), good for developing young bodies.
  6. Bicycling is the best cross training for other popular school sports.
  7. BLAST bicycling skills can be taught on any school facility.
  8. Bicycling is a cost effective alternative to gas prices and driving a car.
  9. Bicycling competition can be conducted on any existing school facility.

Bicycling is FUN!

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