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Professional Development / Team Teaching

YES provides Physical Education Teachers insight into bicycling specific skills, building from grades 1-12, and provides necessary structure to ultimately develop a bicycle racing program in secondary schools.

Middle School Teachers in Professional Development from Delano, CA

The YES curricula includes:

  • YES-KIDS Bike + Novice &"eeds (ES) 1-2 weeks lesson plan
  • YES-BLAST Vol. 1 & 2 (MS) 2-3 weeks lesson plan
  • YES-BIKE Vol. 1 & 2 (HS) 2-4 weeks lesson plan

Upon completion of YES Professional Development will earn 3-9 CEU & Salary Points with approve by the district.

These are age-appropriate skill building curricula for grades 1 - 12 and meet National Standards including Rubrics for each lesson plan and the Common Core requirements. P.E. Bicycle Units never leave the school campus.

YES Professional Development program for Elementary Schools

Teachers are invited to go online to receive Professional Development to implement only the elementary school Physical Education Bicycle Unit, which is the foundation for all other YES curricula. In doing so they receive a School Cycling Instructor Level 4 Certification.

How to get started

Completion of this course provides a cycling foundation for all five of the skill building YES curricula, and the fee is only $95.00. In addition to certification, the new YES School Cycling Instructor will receive a complementary first-year membership with SHAPE America (Society of Health And Physical Education) - this is a $79.00 value.

You are a...

Fire Fighter, Law Enforcer, League of American Bicyclist, National Interscholastic Cycling Association Coach, Parks & Recreation Youth Instructor, Physical Education Teacher or a USA Cycling Coach

Begin your SCI Training Level 4 today!

After completion of the School Cycling Instructor Training Level 4, YES offers hands-on professional development workshops to assist with progression to a higher level SCI.

YES Professional Development/Team Teaching for Secondary School Program

Based on the following qualifications, YES School Cycling Instructors level 1 - 3 can conduct hands-on professional development and/or Team Teaching at your school district or school:

  • Certified to teach YES curricula for the grade appropriate bicycle units
  • Experts in bicycling correctly and safely
  • Experienced in various cycling disciplines, such as BMX, road, track, mountain, cross and commuting
  • Knowledgeable in school policies and protocol
  • Certified in First Aid, AED and CPR
  • Have current criminal/predator background screenings
  • Tuberculosis tested clearance

YES School Cycling Instructors Level 1 - 3 can provide Teacher Professional Development and/or Team Teaching for various secondary school grade levels. They are experts in how to start a School Cycling Team/Club, and can recommend the best bicycling discipline suited for your school community and geographic area. And they have the expertise to choose school appropriate cycling equipment at a reasonable cost.

Group Discounts are available

To find out how to obtain a "Group Discount Code," contact us with organization information and the number of participants who wish to attend.

Sign-up a SCI for your school

Contact YES about Professional Development for Secondary Schools and how to reach a local YES School Cycling Instructor. Fee varies by location.

Free samples of YES Curricula are available

Contact YES for a free sample of either the YES KIDS Bike or YES BLAST Vol. 1 or YES BIKE Vol. 1 curricula, both of which can be sent to your physical education department.

After completing the online YES-School Cycling Instructor Training Level 4, they will receive their YES-School Cycling Instructor Level 4 Certification. The SCI Level 4 is certified to introduce a 5 day cycling program at the elementary school level. And the SCI may advance to higher levels in order to interface with middle or high schools.  The ultimate goal for all SCI - Physical Education Teachers to achieve a Level 1 School Cycling Instructor Certification.

YES recommends when introducing the YES curricula at a school, the SCI provides Team Teaching during at least one class to ensure the YES cycling skill building methodology is understood. 

The following table is the recommended time needed for Professional Development and Team Teaching the specific YES curricula and corresponding grade levels:

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Team Teaching a class with the Teacher for part or the duration of the Physical Education Bicycle Unit to help implement the cycling methodology. 

Contact Youth Educational Sports, Inc. for recommendations for your school, the best School Cycling Instructor to provide Professional Development, Team Teaching, training fees, and the bicycle disciplines best suited for your school community.

YES, Inc.
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