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LAUSD cycling school class
  • June 16, 2015

1.38 Million for P.E. Safe Bicycle Program @ LAUSD

The LAUSD and YES combine to create P.E Physical Education Bicycle Units, grades 6-8.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) received 1.38 million dollars funding for training about 350 middle school P.E. teachers and purchase enough student bicycles plus helmets to use during a P.E. class for 73 intermediate schools. YES School Cycling Instructors (SCI) will certify about 350 physical educational teachers in how to conduct the YES Bicycle Unit with safe bicycling techniques -as a regular school curricula. Teachers will instruct the YES-BLAST Curriculum a physical education bicycle unit.

The LAUSD wants to perpetuate the pilot programs that is still being used by the Physical Education Department at their intermediate schools, Marina Del Rey Middle School.  This pilot program was developed over 20 years ago by the founder of Youth Educational Sports, Inc.  The program has been instroduce at many other school district throughout the country.

Garnsey High School students listen to "Slow Race" instructions

Garnsey High School students listen to “Slow Race” instructions

YES-School Cycling Instructors (SCI) to Train Teachers – YES-School Cycling Teachers (SCT)

YES-School Cycling Instructors (SCI) will train physical education teachers in the use of YES curricula, which meets the SHAPE, National Standards and California Standards. As such, YES curricula will be introduced into the school curricula as a P.E. regular program, and in turn, physical education teachers will receive certification as a YES-School Cycling Teacher (SCT) to teach cycling annually. This is very exciting inclusive bicycle education program that all students will receive.

About 22,500 LAUSD students will learn cycling the first year, and approximately 45,000 the second year. All total, 87,500 students will be on bicycles in two years. Watch out football, here comes bicycling!

Resources for each of the 73 intermediate schools:

  1. Professional Development (teacher training) for at least 3 Physical Education Teachers per school, totaling almost 250 Teachers.
  2. YES-SCI assistance with Team Teaching (co-teaching) the first time the teacher rools out the program to a Physical Education class.
  3. Purchase low maintenance school bicycles & helmets for the same number of students in a Physical Education class. This will create a level playing field when competition in introduced.
  4. YES-SCI assistance starting a School Cycling Club/Team, which includes familiarizing staff with the cycling community resources .

After the Physical Education Teachers are trained, and teach two semesters of the YES introductory curricula, they are certified to become a YES-School Cycling Teacher to train other teachers in their school district.

UPDATE 09/14/2020: In February 2020 YES/LAUSD conducted professional development for the first 25 out of about 250 middle school physical education teachers to have classroom and on the bicycle training. Also the schools represented in this first group of teachers each received 30 bicycles and 60 helmets.

THEN COVID-19 SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN IN LAUSD. The funding timeline was extended by the State of California Department of Transportation so the program could continue once schools open again.


Teach the teachers as a certified School Cycling Instructor!

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