inspiring educational institutions to introduce bicycling as a viable sport and healthy competition


  • December 12, 2019

School District Information

Please review the YES-BLAST Vol. 1 – 15-day Lesson Plan attached. All 5 YES curricula are aligned with SHAPE, National PE Standards and California PE Standards. YES provides professional development and team teaching for PE teachers interested in introducing an annual cycling program.

There are 5 skill building YES curricula from grades K-12. The main components to a sustainable YES programs, are:  Physical Education Teachers after completing the professional development and team teaching will receive 6 CEU and certification as a YES-School Cycling Teacher. This will enable them to start a P.E. safe bicycling program and train other PE teachers so their district/school encourages sustainability of the bicycle program.  Each PE Department should obtain a fleet of age appropriate bicycles and helmets.  Have enough helmets for the maximum number of students in a class and enough bicycles + 5; for the students to share during a class.
A local bicycle shop interested in working with the school to help maintain schools’ the bicycles.

For 18 years at Los Angeles Unified School District I brought in my own funding to pilot and conduct programs to ascertain what component were needed to have program sustainability. There is funding out their to help finance your bicycling program: Transportation, Safe Routes to School and Dept. of Public Health.


Teach the teachers as a certified School Cycling Instructor!

Send us your cycling story!

Do you have a youth cycling story? We would love to publish it on the YES Website.

Let us know here how to reach you.

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