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What is a YES School Cycling Instructor (SCI)?

Every youth deserves the opportunity to learn cycling from professionals in a safe and accessible venue. With the SCI program, YES has created the curricula and a path for bicyclist, school teachers, health and safety professionals, and more to be trained and certified in teaching the sport of cycling at schools.

Being a YES School Cycling Instructor (SCI) opens school doors so the “sport of cycling” can be introduced to elementary, middle and high school students. All levels of SCI can provide bicycle training during bicycle events. With the SCI Certification minds can be opened to your expertise to conduct a cycling class or provide Professional Development “train-the-trainers” for the teachers, so they become SCI and conduct a Physical Education Class on cycling.

First, everyone must passing the SCI Training Level 4 online training. The SCI then has the capability and certification to be bring professional cycling instruction to elementary schools. Only SCI are trained to teach or provide Professional Development on the YES curricula.

The YES Curricula are skill building cycling curricula for all grades, 1-12, that meets the National P.E. Standards, ESSA, and Common Core.

SCI Certification Level 3, 2, or 1 can conduct the YES curricula in middle and high schools after completing a Professional Development clinic.

The YES© curricula are the only skill building bicycling curricula (grades 1-12) in the USA created to be incorporated into the Physical Education Classes/Curriculum. The YES curricula are:

  • elementary YES-KIDS Bike© and YES-KIDS Walk© – SCI Level 4
  • middle/junior high YES-BLAST© Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 – SCI Level 3
  • senior high YES-BIKE© Vol. 1, Vol. 2, & Vol. 3 – SCI Level 2
  • YES-Competition© – SCI Level 1

The goal of the YES-SCI Training Level 4 is to provide an understanding of the educational system and to provide the tools to conduct an age appropriate bicycle education. As an SCI you are able to advance from Level 4 all the way to a Level 1.

YES promotes School Cycling Instructors Level 3, 2, & 1 with their own YES-SCI website page and social media.

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YES-School Cycling Instructor Training Level 4 - OnlineYear Around Event


YES-School Cycling Instructor Training Level 4 - OnlineYear Around Event

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