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School Cycling Instructors

1340 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203, USA

More than twenty years experience in bicycle racing as a rider, race official, race promoter, coach and manager of both amateur and professional bicycle racing teams. Project management, software development and financial analysis experience within bicycle racing, manufacturing and technology industries.

Owner & Head Coach at Radsport Training Los Angeles, California & Denver, Colorado

January 1993 – Present

  • Radsport Training, started business in January 1993 as Radsport Technik Coaching Services
  • Radsport Technik was the first Internet based bicycle coaching service
  • Riders coached have been DISTRICT, NATIONAL and WORLD CHAMPIONS
  • Detailed training programs based on training history, personal goals, lifestyle and current level of fitness
  • Monitor progress by reviewing training diaries, power meter data, heart rate monitor data and field testing
  • Instruction of riders and clubs in equipment selection, bicycle riding techniques, training techniques and bicycle racing tactics
  • State of California licensed for product resale handling bicycle coaching related products i.e. heart rate monitors, power meters, stationary trainers, shoes, clothing etc.
  • Bicycle positioning based on personal measurements and evaluation
  • Supervision of workouts on the road and track
  • Assisted riders, clubs and teams with team management and coaching
  • In depth knowledge in use of both heart rate and power training related software
  • B.S. in Civil/Structural Engineering
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Delano, CA, United States
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825 Olde Farm Court, Vandalia OH 45377

As an SCI, I look forward to educating youngsters in riding their bicycles safely. Too many times I see children riding down the wrong side of the street and not wearing helmets. Through SCI, I look forward to reaching all of these Ohio school children and saving lives. As Chair of the Ohio Bicycle Federation, I have led the charge to improve cycling in Ohio. Our 2006 Better Ohio Bicycling Bill made the Ohio Revised Code closer to the Uniform Vehicle Code regarding bicycling. Our 2016 HB 154 (also now law in Ohio) requires that Ohio motorists give bicyclists at least three feet of passing clearance.

LCI, USAC official, Chair of Ohio Bicycle Federation, Dayton Cycling Club VP, Team Dayton racer, founder and organizer for 7 Blue Streak Time Trials per year.

Montrose, La Crescenta-Montrose, CA, United States

Cycling has been an incredibly important part of my life for many years. As a School Cycling Instructor, a NICA Certified Head Coach, and also a Mountain Bike Skills 101 Instructor.

I am proud and excited to be able to share my passion of cycling with students. I also have 13 years of experience teaching at the elementary level, which helps me deliver superb instruction to all students. I can’t wait to introduce students and P.E. teacher to the wonderful world of cycling through the YES-BIKE programs.

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Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, United States
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