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12500 Braddock Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90066, USA
12500 Braddock Drive Los Angeles California 90066 US

What distinguishes Marina del Rey Cycling Club from other cycling clubs in the area is the “shared use rides and bicycles”.

The MDR Middle School is located next to the Ballona Creek Bike Path about five miles from Marina del Rey Harbor and Pacific Ocean in Southern California. The Physical Education Department has conducted a bicycle unit starting in 1998 using their fleet of bicycles and the YES-BLAST curriculum to teach bicycle handling skills and road safety.

After the students are trained, the Marine Science Academy (a program at the middle school) use the bicycles to travel to the Marina del Rey Harbor and Ocean to do their studies. Also the Physical Education Department conducts a Kayak training after school program and uses the bicycles to access the Harbor.

The Physical Education staff has changed over the years but the program continues because of the BLAST curriculum, bicycle fleet and shared use.

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