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Congratulations on starting a Physical Education Bicycling Unit!

Need help with all your new student love for bicycles? Contact one of our School Cycling Instructors about your Physical Education Bicycle Training or School Bicycle Team/Club needs. YES will show you how BMX, Cross, Mountain, Road, Track, or fun ride disciplines keeps students engaged, widen their horizons and guide them on a path to a healthy lifestyle.

Nathalie Winiarski - Pending

Glendale, CA 91204, USA
315 South Brand Boulevard Glendale California 91204 US

As a School Cycling Instructor and League Cycling Instructor, I know how important bicycle and road skills are for middle and junior high students. Being able to teach these skills to all the students is very important for two reasons;

  1. You never know when this age group will jump on a bicycle and ride down the street and,
  2. If and when they go for a driver’s license they will have a better appreciation and regard for sharing the road with cyclists.

Was lots of fun introducing Delano HS to the YES-BIKE program. I look forward to helping P.E. teachers start the YES-BLAST and YES-BIKE programs.

School Cycling Instructor Level
Level 3 Middle/Junior High
Southwest + Hawaii
National Interscholastic Cycling Association Certification
League of American Bicyclists, LCI #
USA Cycling Coaches License
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