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Congratulations on starting a Physical Education Bicycling Unit!

Need help with all your new student love for bicycles? Contact one of our School Cycling Instructors about your Physical Education Bicycle Training or School Bicycle Team/Club needs. YES will show you how BMX, Cross, Mountain, Road, Track, or fun ride disciplines keeps students engaged, widen their horizons and guide them on a path to a healthy lifestyle.

Johnny Lam - Level 3

Alhambra, CA, United States
23 North Garfield Avenue Alhambra California 91801 US

I am passionate about bicycle traveling and have biked through 10 countries in 2015 and have been all along the Pacific Coast as well as various locations in Southern California. I also work for the Adventure Cycling Association as a ride leader for various tours around the country. When I am not riding my bikes, I teach bike safety as a League of American Cycling Certified Instructor or I am volunteering my time with various bike related non-profits in the Los Angeles County. I also run a blog dedicated to bicycle touring called Milestone Rides. I mainly write about my tour experiences, product reviews, and tips for your next bicycle tour.

My rediscovery of the bicycle in 2009 has completely changed my world for the better!

SCI Number
School Cycling Instructor Level
Level 3 Middle/Junior High
Southwest + Hawaii
National Interscholastic Cycling Association Certification
League of American Bicyclists, LCI #
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