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Youth Educational Sports, Inc. (YES, Inc.), a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable corporation was formed in March 1998. YES, Inc. provides award winning programs, educational materials, supplies, fun events, so others do not have to recreate the "wheel". YES, Inc. provides proven walking and bicycling educational programs for schools, community based organization, youth organizations, law enforcement, park programs and communities.

YES goals are to encourage youth to incorporate a very natural form of exercise and transportation; walking and riding a bicycle back into their lives to introduce a healthy life style and to reduce childhood obesity. At the same time reducing the number of pedestrian and bicycle riders killed, disabled or injured by decreasing traffic related injuries or deaths. This goal is achieved by fun incentives, increasing bicycle helmet use and safe walking and riding practices and age appropriate events. The use of bicycles as part of a healthy life style, transportation, recreation, competition and sport is stress through all aspects of the bicycle programs.

YES created nationally, recognized and award winning programs available to communities to take ownership, making the programs their own; ensuring program sustainability.

YES inspires educational institutions to introduce bicycling as a viable sport and healthy competition in their Physical Educational curriculum. YES, Inc. inspires law enforcement to use bicycling as a fun activity that the officers and youth can participate on common grounds.  Anytime a life-sport is introduced to youth, you give them a lifetime gift of health and relaxation.

YES reaches youth ages 0 to 18 with traffic safety programs saving countless number of lives each year. In the Los Angeles Unified School District alone YES programs reached 700,000 students annually.

YES has funded and administrated programs, over 8 million in grants from federal, state, county and the private sector. The knowledge of working with government and private agencies is shared with potential partners to help obtain grant funding.

Tana Ball, YES Founder, promoted effective traffic safety educational programs, over 25 years of experience, for young walkers and bicyclists venturing onto streets. Tana's successes are contributed to inviting everyone to the table, listening and creating solutions. A short list of organizations and agencies for which programs were created and administrated are: Safe Routes to School, Caltrans SANDAG, Trauma Research Education Foundation, California Center for Childhood Injury Prevention (now CIPPP), City of Escondido, City of Delano, Los Angeles Unified School District, Virginia State Department of Public Health, Baldwin Police Department, City of Artesia, City of Riverside, City of Westmorland, Los Angeles Amateur Athletic Foundation (LA84), City of Santa Clarita, Hawaii, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and others.

Tana attended Stanford University and received a Bachelor Degree from the University of California at Berkeley. She ventured into the entertainment world and has countless credits as a Production Designer and Executive Producer in television, commercials and feature films. During this time she pursued and competed successfully as a national and international cyclist on the Velodrome and on the road. As a competitor training at the Olympic Training Center, the Coaches invited her to stay on and assist with the training camps and partake in the International Coaching Program and become the National Junior Coach.

Tana, Olympic and International Coach, became interested in bicycle safety education after coaching junior elite athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs from 1987 to 1990. As a USA National Team Coach/Manager, Tana accompanied male and female athletes on trips to foreign countries such as Chile, Autrailia, Trinidad, Indonisa and all over the United States. She also worked with the pro teams: Subaru Montgomery and the LA Sheriff's Team. While coaching the pro team in Escondido, CA she was aware that the local youth needed bicycle training, created a proposal and walked into City Hall.  Much to her surprize Escondido had just won a SANDAG grant to do bicycle safety programs in their elementary schools.  It is all history from here.

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The public may access YES, Inc. governing documents, conflict of interest policy, and financial statements by requesting via an email.